Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht Can Double Up As a Submarine!

The Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht will surely trump all the other yachts out there. It sounds like something from a James Bond movie. This design concept envisions a 377 foot yacht that can also transform itself into a submarine and cruise underwater. This concept yacht has been created by design firm Motion Code: Blue. They say that their design is practical and can become a reality. All they need is a very rich buyer. And by very rich we mean Bill Gates rich. This vessel has all the features of a luxury yacht like a helipad, eight VIP suites, a two storey owner’s suite, and a pool, bar and a whole lot of deck space to have a good time.

But if you feel like taking a dip, the yacht can be completely covered and transformed into a submarine taking a 787 foot dive to dazzle you with underwater world. Its designers say that the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht is based on the current submarine designs. An interesting fact is that its dimensions are the same as U.S. Navy’s Virginia-class submarines. But unlike the military submarines this yacht cum submarine will be for pleasure only.

migaloo private submarine yacht

Though this is an amazing idea, I am not sure if it will have a buyer. Though we don’t know the exact costs of building this particular design, the Virginia class attack submarines cost a whopping $2.3 billion to make. That is a whole lot of money. A billionaire like Roman Abramovich sounds like the kind of guy who might be interested. He already is the proud owner of a kickass megayacht, Eclipse. The designers will also have to figure out how to power this vessel as no government will allow a private vessel to be nuclear powered. Until this super cool yacht/submarine becomes a reality you can check out other great yachts like the Anastasia, the largest yacht in the world Azzam or the Steve Jobs designed yacht named Venus.

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