Your Weekly Dose of Luxpresso: Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Fashion Must Haves For Men

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday i.e 12th of May, if you haven’t already bought anything for your mother, fret not. Our friends over at Luxpresso have made a comprehensive list to help you pick out something very special for your beloved mother. Their last minute Gift Guide for Mother’s Day offers myriad options ranging from handbags to jewelry. Depending upon your mothers tastes, you can pick out any one of the options without having to rack your brain too much. Furla’s papaya red safiano print calfskin bag looks elegant but with a pop of colour. Watches are always a safe option. Depending on your budget you could out one, preferably something classy. Jewelry  is another sure hit with women. Lotions and potions are gifts that can be used everyday. Forest Essentials offers a great range. They are slightly on the pricey side but the all natural products are worth it.


Men these days are not behind women in their quest to look good. But since their interest is a little late towards style they need a bit of help sometimes. Luxprsso’s Fashion Must Haves For Men will dispel their dilemma regarding best styles for the summer. Tods has some excellent shirts for men who like to dress up a bit for the evening. Their pure cotton products ensure that you look stylish yet remain very comfortable in the summer heat. Shoes are almost as important as the shirt. It is said that one can tell a lot about a man from their shoes. So dont shy away from spending a little extra money on getting a good pair of shoes, something which is versatile. Shades are essential for the summer. Just Cavalli has some very stylish and funky ones.


Moving on from style tips for men, we move on to beauty tips. While there are a slew of products for women, there arent many quality products for men. But The Best Products for Men  list brings forth an eclectic list for those men who want the best when it comes to their skin. After shave is a staple in any man’s bathroom cupboard. Forest Essentials has a natural concoction  that is soothing and smells wonderful. A great buy for those with sensitive skin. Clinique has an interesting product which tackles ingrown hair due to shaving. Check out the rest of the products and look like a million bucks.

beauty products for men

Another one for the guys out there. A good hairstyle can do wonders for your looks. But what most of us forget is that every hairstyle doesn’t look good on everyone. So it is always a good idea to figure out ones face shape and hair type and then get those scissors chopping. Luxpresso’s List of Men’s Hairstyles brings you looks recommended by experts. Wether short or long, curly or straight, formal or funky, these hairstyles will have something for everyone. So the next time you go to the salon, you will come out looking a lot more smarter than you already do. Seems like Luxpresso wants its male readers to look their best this summer.



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