C Seed Launches World’s Largest TV With 201 Inch Screen

Creating something which is largest in its category is a challenge and Austrian firm C SEED Entertainment Systems has come up to the challenge and created the world’s largest TV with a screen over five meter wide. The TV set is so large that it can’t fit into any living room and has to be installed outdoors. Priced at £414,000, it will be a significant investment for those who decide to buy it. The price tag is so large that it can accommodate four Porsche 911 cars. The TV set is aimed at the very top end of the customer base and the manufacturers are pitching it as a perfect amenity for a private yacht.

Largest TV Perfect for Private Yachts

The Concept and Design of the Large TV has Been Developed by Porsche

Alexander Swatek and Edouardo Saint Julien-Wallsee are the brains behind the large screen TV. The concept and the design for the largest TV has been developed by luxury car maker Porsche. They have taken an innovative approach to leverage the existing technology to create the ultra large screen. It is made up of more than 725,000 LEDs. All the numbers associated with this TV are very large. The LEDs display 4.4 trillion colors. Another unique feature of the large TV is the biometric fingerprint sensors that have been built in to prevent unauthorized use of the TV. After all it is no ordinary TV and every Tom, Dick and Harry should not be allowed to handle it.

World's Largest TV

The TV Can be Folded into Seven Panels For Storing

Since the TV has to be installed outdoors it has been designed in such a way that it can be folded up into seven panels and stored safely. It is a mechanical process and the Screen can be unfolded by just pressing a button on the remote. The TV is ready to be switched on in just 40 seconds.  As the TV has been designed for the outdoors it is completely waterproof and it has very powerful sound to match its size. Three 700w Subwoofers together deliver 2,100w sound output. The TV is compatible with practically any device that holds content. The TV has a custom-fitted server that is capable of streaming contents from computers, Sky box, camcorder, smartphone or a gaming console. It is a unique experience to watch the content on a 201 inch screen.

Via: tech.uk.msn

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