Doettling Releases The Guardian, World’s First Security Luggage

The luxury safe manufacturer from Germany, Doettling has a reputation for hand crafted bespoke safes and their latest creation is ‘The Guardian’. It has been positioned as a new concept in the field of safe making. The Guardian is the world’s first safe or a security luggage as the makers call it, which can be carried around with a handle or shoulder strap like any other piece of luggage. It is a small safe weighing 4 kg only but big enough to accommodate up to six luxury watches, jewelry, cash and some important documents. This is a unique masterpiece that pushes forward the traditional locksmith’s craft in the style of Royal Prussian smiths.

The Guardian Is Developed In House by Doettling

Doettling was founded almost a hundred years ago in 1919 and they have created unique masterpieces continually that include the Doettling Colosimo Double Wing which was designed with distinct influences from the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing”, the Colsimo which is a safe made specifically for the $2.5 million Jaeger-LeCoultre watch set, Hublot Morphosis safe which can be controlled through an iPad, the Colosimo leather and spikes edition, the Bel-Air collection which is a custom made Magnus safe for a watch collector and many more. The Guardian takes the same tradition forward. The new product and its design is developed fully in house at Doettling.

The Guardian, World's First Security Luggage

The Traveling Safe Crafted Out of Range of High Security Materials

The Guardian is basically a multi-walled, high-security cylinder crafted out of a range of high-security materials. It has been made practically impregnable by interlocking different layers through a well guarded process. The carbide component used is almost as hard as diamond. Several layers of highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric is topped by a layer of polycarbonate. The door integrated with the cylinder on one end can be opened only with a three digit code. On top of all the security features the portable safe is also equipped with a GPS tracking device. There are customization options available to make the Guardian’s exterior as per your requirement.

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