BMW Introduces Two eBikes That Fit Into the Boot of i3 Concept Car

BMW i Store in London opened with a surprise. Out of the BMW i3 Concept car’s boot came two E-bikes, BMW i Pedelec Concept. These are pedal electric cycles designed as a complement to the electric car. E-bikes have caught the imagination of the high end luxury car users. The car brands are coming up with designer bicycles to encourage bicycle commuting. The Pedelec complements the car when you need to go to crowded areas where parking a car is difficult. According to BMW it adds a new and convenient layer to personal mobility, particularly in urban areas. The bike is designed to fit in the i3 Concept car’s boot where it gets charged. If your car is parked and you need to go somewhere nearby the e-bike provides the perfect alternative mode of transport.

BMW eBike Fitted with Advanced Components

The bike is as high tech as the car. It is outfitted with an electric motor that gives that extra boost to a rider, and some added torque. There are many other advanced components in the bike. There are disc brakes at the front and rear, a three-speed gear hub integrated into the motor. The frame is very light as it is crafted out of aluminum and carbon fiber. The motor has electronic management system and is backed by a high-performance battery. However, the unique feature of the e-bike is its clever folding mechanism. And this is what makes it an extremely practical transportation solution.

You Don’t Need a License to Use the Bike

The motor of the bike assists the rider to achieve a top speed of 25kmh. It is the speed limit till which you don’t need to insure or register your bike. No license is required to use the bike and wearing a helmet is not mandatory for the rider. One full charge of the battery will allow it to power the motor over 25 to 40 kms. When riding downhill the hub motor generates energy for the battery. In any case the battery gets full charge within four hours while plugged into a normal socket or in the boot of the iCar. It is not clear if you can buy the bike separately.

Via: smartplanet, dezeen

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