Virgin America is Offering Space Travel on Virgin Galactic to Most Loyal Guest

Richard Branson and his Virgin Group is on the verge of making Space travel a reality for common people. Virgin Galactic is the arm of the group that has been working on making space travel commercially viable. The project is based in America and is at an advanced stage of testing. Virgin America is leveraging the project by offering the opportunity of space travel to its frequent fliers. Their loyalty program has a system of elevate members amongst the frequent fliers. According to the new promotion the elevate members who earns the most status points between August 8, 2012, and August 7, 2013 will get the ultimate reward. It will earn them the ultimate round-trip flight, a sub-orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic.

Space Travel Adds a New Dimension to the loyalty Program

The airline is celebrating its fifth anniversary and during the period they have managed to create a significant space for itself in the aviation industry. Their innovative service and luxurious offerings has earned them a large and loyal customer base. This new promotional initiative is also aimed at membership enhancement for their loyalty program. The opportunity of Space travel adds a completely new dimension to the program and something that no other airline is in a position to offer. It will not only work as a differentiator for the airline but a USP in the industry.

Two Million Miles Will Get You a Flight on Virgin Galactic

Phil Seward, director of guest loyalty at Virgin America is understandably excited about the unique scheme. The scheme has been worked out in response to direct feedback from the members of the loyalty program. A space flight is the ultimate frequent flyer reward for the most loyal guest and it will go a long way in motivating other members in staying with the airline or even switch loyalty programs. The new promotional initiative will let you buy a flight on Virgin Galactic for a mere two million miles. You never know, at a future date the space flight miles could also be used to get tickets on the airline.

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