David and Jackie Siegel’s Palace in Florida

America is all set to welcome its most expensive and the third largest house in the country. Located in Florida, this 21st century mansion spread across 90,000 square feet is already being slated as America’s Versailles. The new age palace is owned by billionaire David Siegel and his 46 year old wife Jackie Siegel. Although the house is still under construction, once ready it will take the luxury real estate world by storm in the United States. The chief highlight of this Florida mansion, which everyone keeps talking about is that it is as huge as a 747 airplane hangar. The owners, David Siegel and Jackie Siegel claim that they had planned for something smaller than the current American Versailles but ended up with this might to place to live in. Now if that is the couple’s definition of small we can’t even imagine what huge would look like.

Let’s give you a tour of this splendid property in Florida!

From a Small House to a Palace: The Story of the Florida Mansion

The 77 year old billionaire, David Siegel, wanted only a small house to live in for his family. A house which had just enough space to accommodate his family, which comprises of his wife, eight kids and as many as five dogs. His initial plan was to build a house which was 60,000 square feet. But as the construction began he realized that there was so much more he wanted in his dream house of luxury. While he wanted a health spa his wife, who loves to spend asked and wished for a bowling alley. The wish list continued and their desires to have it all resulted in the construction of this 21st century palace sprawling across 90,000 square feet. David Siegel is not much of a spend thrift himself but he sure has loaded his dream house with all the luxury that one can only imagine.

A Versailles in Florida: Inside David and Jackie’s Paradise

We would all like to know that a house, that can also accommodate a 737 aircraft, looks like from the inside. For starters, the Florida mansion of David and Jackie Siegel has over 30 bathrooms and over nine kitchens. It sure looks like the Seigals love to cook up a storm going by the numbers of kitchens in their palace. The house also boasts of a bowling alley, which we have already mentioned. The Siegels’ will never have to worry about buying movie tickets for their mansion ahs two theatres.

If that was not enough the house also has two tennis courts and a baseball field which by the way is full size! A health spas also adorns the house along with an observation deck to enjoy the lovely Florida weather and a Sushi bar. The house also has a 4000 square foot closet! Now it will always be a wonder how will this gigantic closet be used! The family is currently staying at a 26,000 home which also has its own stripper pole and a two storeyed closet.


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