The Z Boat designed by Zaha Hadid for Kenny Schachter is worth €375,000

It’s a luxury boat that is leek and looks uber smart. A limited edition luxury boat, whose looks can give you an adrenaline rush has been designed by Zaha Hadid and is worth a whopping €375,000! The luxury boat which has been named the Z Boat has been designed for Kenny Schachter, an art dealer and writer based in London and also leads the Rove Projects.

Zaha Hadid is an award winning Iraqi-British architect and has been involved in some mega projects like the Mind Zone and Feet Zone at the Millennium dome in London, the Maxxi in Rome and the Z Shaped schools in Brixton. Her contribution in the field of architecture has been immense and she has also been honoured as being the Commander of the Order of the British Empire and the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Kenny Schachter, on the other hand, is an American artist who created waves in the art world of New York and has now made a name for himself in Britain. The artist’s intention is to create some high end cars and has been working on the Rovecars with Zaha Hadid. Together they have also created the Z car which is actually a futuristic three wheeler car which comes with a Perspex Canopy. It was a prototype that was never manufactured but was exhibited at the Guggenheim at New York in 2006. It was also at display in 2011 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Z  luxury boat happens to be their latest creation and will be ready for sailing in the spring of next year. Till then let’s give you some interesting insights into the Z Boat.

The Z Boat by Zaha Hadid and Kenny Schachter

Only 12 Z luxury boats will be created for sale to live upto to its limited edition tag. The luxury boat has a rather asymmetrical design unlike other boast and this Kenny Schachter feels imparts a unique character to the boat, that of a very menacing creature. The boat has been made of fibre glass and carbon fibre and is about eight meters long.

The vessel will be available in an array of colours. They include blue, white and gray. The prototype that has been designed by Kenny Schachter is in black and brings out the very menacing look of the boat. The boat is being readied by Shorteam in France and also has accommodation for many people.

The very idea behind this boat is not to build a vessel only for the purpose of luxury but to redefine the very idea of design, art and architecture when it comes to the making of vessels and vehicles both. The Z Boart has its very one identity and individuality which may not be visible in any other vessel of this order. The vessel will be appreciated by those who love to be fast and furious and it will not be a surprise to find Batman zipping off on the Z Boat to save Gotham city from the perils of the Joker!

Via Forbes


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