Cartier’s ID Two Concept Watch is a Revolution in Watch making

Cartier has done it again. The doyen of jewellery and time wear has launched the ID Two Concept Watch, which being slated as a revolution in watch making and time wear. Cartier has come of age and has been launching some very specialised watches in the past, which have more than impressed those who are into expensive watches. The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch is all set for a January launch at the Salon International de Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva. There sure will be many bets for this very unique and intriguing time wear from Cartier.

Cartier watch is a true legend when it comes to watch making and not long ago they had launched the Skeleton Pocket Watch which drew inspiration from the pocket watches of the 1930s. The Skeleton watch was fashioned in white gold and had Roman numerals on it. The watch was limited edition and was meant only for the elite and their very special occasions. The watch company is also credited for manufacturing some very exquisite time pieces such as the Tank, Pasha and Santos, but ever since they put Carole Forestier Kasapi in charge of their department of development we have seen the launch of some splendid time wear which is to the say the least, the best watches we have ever seen from Cartier. The latest Cartier watches to hit the time market were pieces from the Rotonde de Cartier Line and were the flying tourbillion and central chronograph.

Let’s give you more insights into the Cartier ID Two Concept Watch.

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch

Fibreglass instead of traditional metal alloys have been used to make the mainspring. It is for the first time that fibreglass has been used for such a purpose. The efficiency of the watch lies in its escapement from where the power is transferred from the mainspring to the timekeeping elements. The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch also has a power reserve time of 32 days between the windings. The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch took five years in the making and it was worth all the time for the watch has a long life without any wear and tear due to its lubricant free technology. Some very sophisticated technology of high precision manufacturing has gone into making this watch.

The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch comes in a ceramic case which is transparent and uses a sealed vacuum pressure and comes without any screws. The movement of the watch is visible front and back through the case. The hands are on the top of the dial and have been accorded the very minor role of showing you the time only, just in caes you want to where all that time passed away when you were only gazing at your Cartier ID Two Concept Watch.

It is not a watch but s machine with some very superior technology on your wrist. The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch will not be liked by everyone but only a chosen few who have deep knowledge of watch making.With the launch of Cartier ID Two Concept Watch, other watch companies will have to come up with something even unique to give it a stiff competition.

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