Anita Mai Tan “The Dragon and Spider iPhone Cases” Auction

There has been a lot of creative work for making iPhone cases. There have been many blinged creations in the past which have been well received by the glitterati. Still some new creations keep coming up that stun you with their beauty and grandeur. Anita Mai TAN of Al-Gems Global Design has designed two iPhone cases priced at $880,000 each. Anita enjoys an international reputation for her jewellery designs. She boasts of a clientele who come from the elite of the society and royalty. Some of her custom designs have been described as technical marvels. The new iPhone cases designed by her can be worn as a necklace.

The Dragon iPhone Case with 32ct Diamonds

Anita took 16 months in creating the unique pieces. The intricately designed cases have the potential to become as popular and famous as her million dollar Heaven GoldPen which was not only one of the most expensive writing instrument but also the first to be designed by a woman for the women. The iPhone cases have been crafted out of 18K gold. For the Dragon case she has used 2,200 colorless and colored diamonds in cognac, brown, champagne shade for a total weight of 32 cts to create the dragon on the case. The design is very appropriate for the Asian market as it is the Year of the Dragon. In addition the number 22 and 32 are significant for representing the sense of ‘easy’ and ‘born lucky’. The combination of the two numbers becomes 9 which signifyies leadership qualities. The dragon in itself is significant as it is the symbol of life and existence, growth, and the universe.

The Spider iPhone Case with 38ct Diamonds

The Spider phone case has also been designed in the same style. It has also been crafted out of 18K gold. The spider design created with 2,800 black and colorless diamonds weighing a total of 38cts. Again, both the numbers are significant for the Asian culture with 38 signifying ‘born wealth’ and 28 signifying ‘easy gaining wealth’. Both the stunning cases will be offered for sale through an auction in the fall this year which will be conducted by Magnetic Communication Inc. It will be part of their Sparkle Event and part of the proceeds will go towards supporting NFTE that helps children from low income families to stay in school longer.

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