Coyuchi Launches Bedding that is Organic

To go green and be organic seems to be the order of the day and luxury bedding manufacturers, Coyuchi have taken the mantra rather seriously. For they have now launched bedding that is not only luxurious but also organic. The bed sheets have been carefully woven from textiles that are entirely organic. The bedsheets have been inspired by the natural surroundings and will give your bedroom a whole new look besides the comfort that it will offer you.

In the past, we have seen most expensive beds. We had earlier reported on beds that not only provided comfort like the usual beds does but they also have some unique and rather whacky designs. They will either make your bedroom look like a fairytale palace or even magical beds that float. These beds were super expensive and some like the Baldachinno Supreme bed with 107 kg of 24 carat gold inlay work are worth with $6.3 million. Also in this line of expensive beds was the magnetic bed which 900 kilograms worth of weight actually floats and comes with a price of $1.6 million.

It’s always good to cover up your  with beddings as luxurious as offered by Coyuchi. Coyuchi is a Northern California based company and was first started in the Point Reyes Station a small town in the same state. It is bedding company that believes in nature and offers the best to its customers by creating the finest linen products for your bathrooms and also your cotton bedding. Coyuchi also specialize in baby products.

Here’s an insight into the Organic World of Coyuchi.

Coyuchi’s Organic Bedding

As mentioned earlier, Coyuchi is steeped in nature and everything from oceans to lush green forests and just about everything in nature inspires the linen designs in Coyuchi. However, it’s just not about the design it is also the sheer comfort that these products provide you with that makes Coyuchi an outstanding brand.

With Coyuchi it’s all about bringing nature closer to your lives. With their designs that seek inspiration only from nature, the freshness and beauty of the outside world is harmoniously blended with the interiors of your bed room. Every collection of Coyuchi has been inspired by nature. For instance, the Island Light Collection has been inspired by the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea. The very life of the Mediterranean is reflected in this collection with the lacy stitching which are set against the back drop of the blues of the ocean and the crisp whites of the clouds.

To bring about the brightness of the sun into your bedroom you can think of going for the Morning Sunshine Collection which is actually muslin at its pristine best which comes with the brightness of the tangerine. It will not only light up your rooms but will also bring about a lot of energy in your rooms.

For a subtle look you can opt for the Granite Peak Collection which comes in different shades of gray. The gray can be brightened up a little with Coyuchi’s cotton blankets. The look will be complete after you throw in some embroidered sheets along with pillows and shams and coverlets.

Via Coyuchi

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