A French Chateau in Beijing

It is the classic or rather very royal example of a rip off! A Chinese multi millionaire by the name of Zhang Yuchen decided to build a hotel and give his guests a royal treat. For him the Chateau de Maisons-Laffitte was the epitome of grandeur and royalty. Well he could not get it to Beijing so he decided to create an exact replica of the French Chateau, which is actually located on the banks of River Seine somewhere in the western suburbs of Paris, in Beijing. Nothing is impossible in China and yes they did manage to successfully build the Chateau De Paris and that too in Beijing.

We all know how China is rapidly becoming the next economic giant. Quickly surpassing the Western Capitalist powers and also the strong economies in Asia and South East Asia it will soon get to call the shots when it comes to international economy. It is a country that has become an abode of multi -millionaires and workforce that is large in numbers and is willing to work efficiently. Hence, re-creating historic France in China did not seem to be impossibility to them.

The building and the structure simply captured Zhang’s mind and he decided to built it in his home country. For the construction a whopping $50 million and was built using original blue prints and over 10,000 photographs which guided the engineers, the architects and the men and women behind the project. An addition was made to the original design and that was of two gardens well sculpted and manicured.

Let’s have a look at this royal adventure in China which goes by the name Chateau de Maisons-Laffitte.

 Chateau de Paris is now Chateau de Beijing

So, what so unique and exciting about this hotel. Well, the chateau Lafitte is not only a re-creating of a fine monument but a monument in itself that boasts of elegance, sophistication, style, luxury and exudes nothing but royalty.

It is called the Zhang Laffite Chateau and since it was exceedingly difficult to accommodate such a huge and massive structure in the very heart of Beijing, it is located in the outskirts of the city hustle and bustle.

One glance at the hotel and you almost think that you are in France gazing at this wonder which was built in 1651 by Francois Mansart.

The French Baroque archtietcture which you get to see at the monument is also seen at the Zhang Laffite Chateau and the replication of the baroque architecture is rather brilliant.

Opulence and luxury is what the Zhang Laffite Chateau is bestowed with and now the hotel also provides its guest with a spa where one can relax and unwind just like the French Kings and Queens of the Chateau de Paris. Another highlight of the Zhang Laffite Chateau is a wine museum, you wine tasting experience will be unique and also enjoy a tour of this museum which will have a good collection of vintage wines displayed just for the guests.

The building is also surrounded by a moat and lovely Renaissance paintings also adorn the Zhang Laffite Chateau. The entrance of the Zhang Laffite Chateau is grand and will overwhelm the guests and visitors alike. The hotel is well lighted in the night and the hotel staff also greets you in French uniforms.

Austria in China

It’s not for the first time that a building so large has been re-created in China. In thepast they have recreated a township of Hallstatt in Austria in Huizhou. The price of the houses in this replica city will be higher than those in Austria. At £200,000-£500,000 not many will be able to afford a house in this township, that will also have horse carriages and flocks of white doves.

The city or township will have everything from a lake to a concert hall.

The townships also boasts of an Austrian church.The homes look very Alpine and are yet to occupied.

Well, China seems to be revelling in their recreating Chateaus and township activity. Let’s see what’s next!


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