Dinner in the Sky in Brussels as Part of Brusselicious 2012

Brussels is hosting a year-long food festival Brusselicious 2012 and Dinner in the Sky is moving into Belgium’s capital as the highlight of the event. Residents and tourists alike will be able to enjoy Michelin star dinner while suspended in a gondola 30 meters above the ground. The spectacular dining experience will be launched on June 4 and will run through till July 1. The diners opting for the experience need to be brave as they will be having their heads in the clouds and will be looking over Brussels. They should not be afraid of heights.

Dinner in the Sky is managing the event for which they will create a floating restaurant platform suspended by a crane and the crane will be stationed at one of four key tourist sites in the city so that the views from the top are breath taking. This temporary restaurant platform has the capacity to accommodate up to 22 guests at a time so only about 600 guests can have a dinner in the sky over four weeks. The platform will be stationed over the city’s Royal Palace from June 4 to June10, Atomium (June 11-17), Esplanade of Cinquantenaire (June 18-24) and the Bois de la Cambre (June 25-July 1).

The guests will be strapped to their seats with safety belts and a Michelin-starred chef in the middle and one waiter will be attending to their needs. Every week the guests will have a new celebrity chef. The menu for the event has been prepared by seven renowned Brussels-based chefs: Yves Mattagne, Lionel Rigolet, Pascal Devalkeneer, Giovanni Bruno, David Martin, Luigi Ciciriello and Patrick Vandecasserie. If you want to have this thrilling dinner in Brussels then you have to book a seat and meal by paying €250 in advance. Similar events have been organized earlier in Paris, London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Sydney and Monaco.

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