Louis Vuitton Creates Objets Nomades Collection Inspired by its Iconic Trunks

Louis Vuitton was founded as a maker of travel trunks and for a century and half they have created some of the most iconic trunks and boast of a client base that includes Saudi Princes and the Indian Maharajas of yore. The brand has grown and diversified beyond imagination but their association with travel continues. They have recently launched Objets Nomades- a collection inspired by some of Louis Vuitton’s most beautiful trunks. It is a collaborative effort. LV has collaborated often with artists, decorators and artisans and come up with pieces that have achieved icon status. Objets Nomades takes the same trend forward.

Taipei 101 Maison is Louis Vuitton’s new Taiwan store. It has brought in a series of offerings and the Objets Nomades is the latest in the exciting series. The store is located in the famous Taipei 101. The store with a two storey atrium highlights Louis Vuitton’s passion and respect for design. The store is full of LV signature collections, however the particular section called the travel room is the center of attraction for the visitors and shoppers. The room is dedicated solely to the travel items made by the brand. Objets Nomades collection features foldable furniture and accessories inspired mainly by Louis Vuitton’s historic trunks.

It is an elegant and beautiful collection but has been created by novice artisans. The creations resemble the iconic trunks that made Louis Vuitton creations one of the most trusted travel companions to thousands around the world. The hammock reminds you of the bed trunk where as the desk is reminiscent of the Stokowski trunk. The Objets Nomades collection includes a range of home lighting and small travel accessories as well. Over a century and a half the LV trunks have evolved into complete mobile households that come fitted with TV sets, solar panels and DVDs. The brand is also diversifying and expanding into newer areas. We have already talked about their plans for designer stationery and related paraphernalia. The brand has also been talking about getting into the world of perfumes.

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