Chris Brown and Ron English launch Dum English Collectible Toy Series

After being embroiled in several controversies, from breeding dogs illegally to having assaulted girlfriend and singer Rihanna, Chris Brown decided to take it easy this time and thus launched a limited edition collectible toy series. The American singer/songwriter popular for hits such as “Forever” and “With You”, worked in collaboration with Ron English, a contemporary American artist who explores brand imagery and advertising. Known for his unusual form of art, Ron English has garnered enough appreciation in the world of art even from his friend and co-artist Chris Brown who once issued a statement, “Ron has to be the most creative, ‘out there’ artist. His works is so precise but at the same time so unorthodox.”

The limited edition collectible toy series has been named the Dum English. A unique art sculpture this definitely is not the kind of toys which will be found scattered around your kid’s playrooms! The Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles will showcase the first set of these rather unusual and colourful toy sculptures  on May 2nd between 6-8p.m. Besides being a popular singer Chris Brown’s tryst with acting was also a success. He also encourages budding artistes and street art through his website and blog He  uses the lifestyle blog to showcase his line of street art that he has created over the years. The Dum English is also an extension of his popular lifestyle blog, Mechanical Dummy. This time Brown and English joined hands with sculpture manufacturers Garagework Industries and vinyl toy production house Made by Monsters to create the limited edition collectible toy series.

Read on to know more about Brown’s latest piece of street art.

The Dum English  

For their first showcase, the artists have decided to launch a Dum English toy necklace chain worth $75 and a 10” vinyl figure which has been priced around $140. Both these collectibles have been made in tandem with Made by Monsters. Garagework Industries have on the other hand created four-foot life-size fiberglass sculpture priced at a whopping $20,000. Only 1000 pieces of the limited edition collectible toy series have been launched. The four feet long fibre glass sculpture will be made available in 20 pieces thus giving it a special status and thus encouraging the appreciation towards this form of art.

It will be a day of grand celebration when  Chris Brown and Ron English will come together to launch the Dum English. An in store consumer signing will first be conducted by the pair on the 2nd of May from 2-4 p.m. at TAG. Another highlight of the show will be Brown and English painting a life size Dum English astronaut sculpture for the guests.

Known for his philanthropic activities, Chris Brown will donate the proceeds of this VIP exhibit cum mega media event to the Symphonic Love Foundation. Founded by the artist himself, the organisation aims at promoting art amongst women and children by supporting them through lavish funds.

Here’s hoping that Brown’s limited edition collectible toy series and his charity will help this controversy’s child earn some brownie points and enhance his public image.

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