Private Jet Interiors Replicated in Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

Mercedes Benz is respected the world over for its luxurious vehicles. Every subsequent model incorporates more in terms of luxury and performance. Their S Class vehicles with all the options is the best they have on offer and still its interiors look average when you compare it with the interiors of some of the ultra luxurious private jets. They are now focusing on their vans and transforming them into super luxury vehicles with ultra luxurious interiors. We saw an example at the China Auto show and another model is on display at the New York Auto Show. It is their Jet Van Sprinter. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van has been specially outfitted by Ventura as per the interiors designed by California-based Becker Automotive Design. The design firm has definitely raised the bar and brought in the level of luxury to the van that you don’t see even in limousines. It can compete with luxury private jets in terms of comfort, features and style. In fact the designer has been clearly inspired by private jets and when you enter the van it feel like you have boarded your jet.

Private Jet Like Interiors

The interior looks very spacious and the layout is very much like a private jet. You see Townsend leather with Golden Birdseye Maple trim. There are four first class style wide leather seats with ample legroom. The armchair like seats is as good if not better than what you see in aircrafts. They have adjustable leg supports, lumbar supports, massage systems and heating. The seat has been designed for comfort and luxury and you won’t feel fatigued even while travelling for long hours. The features, gadgets and amenities incorporated in the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van are simply stunning. The electronics package is much superior to most of the home entertainment system. A 40 inch high-definition Runco LCD TV is mounted in the centre and is backed by a 1,300-watt 7.1 channel speaker system drawing its sound waves from multi-channel McIntosh amplifiers. And for those who are connected to their work 24×7 the Sprinter van has a 500-GB on-board computer with wireless 4G connectivity. Writing tables that fold out are attached to the seats. The tables allow you to use a notebook computer or actual notebook while travelling. The functions of all the onboard gadgets, including the seats, are controlled by six-inch Creston touch screens located on either side.

Jet Vans by Becker Automotive Design

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is powered by a 3.0-liter BlueTEC diesel engine. A Diesel Exhaust Fluid Injection (DEF) system has been incorporated in the engine to cut down on its nitrogen emissions. It is a fuel efficient clean diesel engine and there is no harm in idling it for an extended time while they wait. Becker Automotive Design has done a wonderful job. They work closely with their clients to arrive at the most appropriate layout. They use the best of materials and incorporate the most suited equipment. Jerry Seinfeld, Will Smith and Bruce Springsteen are some of their high profile clients. For some of their clients they have replicated their private aircraft layout and features. They have some standard floor plans and options like a couch, refrigerator and hidden toilet. Their site indicate a price band of $200,000 to $450,000 for the Jet Vans but it is not clear if the price includes the price of the base vehicle on which the upgrades are done.

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