Gift your Baby a MagicBath

Just when did you think that only adults could enjoy a luxurious bath or unwind in a Jacuzzi spa. That it is only the domain of uncles and aunties was not readily accepted by some spiffy babies who wanted more than just being strolled around in parks or enjoying countless naps in their very cosy and comfy cribs! BluBleu gifted them just what they were waiting for all his time. Known as the MagicBath, this designer baby bath gives your little one a luxurious Jacuzzi experience. BluBleu, the Italian designer brand, firmly believes that the MagicBath will garner a ver good response since there is an unexplored market for luxurious baby products.

Jacuzzi spas have been in vogue for a long time and are perhaps the best way to bring about some amount semblance in your otherwise hectic life. We had earlier mentioned about luxury and classy Jacuzzi by Platinum spa. Named the Big Chief, I had the capacity to accommodate six people and had several interesting features. From a neck massager, to a mist system and LED waterfalls it had everything that would tempt you to spend an entire day with your friends with the Big Chief!

The MagicBath, which will cost you around €1655 (around $2,185) is the first of its kind and will give babies a relaxing bathing experience just after they have had a cranky whole day. Here’s a look at how your babies will enjoy a unique Jacuzzi spa like experience once you buy them their very own MagicBath.

What’s so Magical about this Bath?

Supported by four curved and stable legs the MagicBath with a height hat will reach your waist can easily accommodate new born babies in the correct position at one end. The baby can also sit at the other end from six months to one year. The wheels at the bottom enable you to move around the bath to a suitable place. The Jacuzzi comes with 10 air jets which when activated let out a whirlpool of bubbles that caress the baby. The bath also comes with a temperature control system which also digitally displays the temperature set by you. The digital control system on the bath also helps you to control the Jacuzzi.


To make the experience more lavish and enjoyable for the baby there are six LED underwater lights. Give your baby a great light and water show. The bright red, blue, pink and green lights that beam out through the bubbles makes for a perfect Jacuzzi spa time for your baby. The bath also comes with a ‘magic relax’ setting where an array of colours – blue, indigo and violet cycle through the bubbles. After the bath is over, water can be drained out through a flexible hose. The makers have also ensured that they have adhered to the required safety standards.

There’s nothing that matches a mom’s soothing and soft caress at the time of bath. But the MagicBath’s immersive and exclusive whirlpool will give your baby a fabulous sensory experience. Now do you really want a luxury Jacuzzi spa for your tiny tot or are you contend with the $ 30 something baby bath you got at the Mall just the other day? Think about it. To gift your baby a Jacuzzi is not as ridiculous as it sounds!

Via Klat Magazine

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