Eizo All Set To Bring In A 4,000 Pixels Resolution LCD Monitor For $35,700

One of the biggest names in high end computer displays, Eizo, is gearing up to bring in an all new LCD monitor that will put just about every monitor to shame. The Eizo FDH3601 monitor  has been designed and developed to provide the users with a screen resolution of a staggering 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. This extremely high resolution will ensure crisp and larger than life visuals, which is what most gamers as well as graphic designers are always running after. Set to be unveiled at the upcoming NAB 2012, which is scheduled between April 14th to 19th, 2012, the  Eizo FDH3601 LCD monitor with its 4K display properties comes with a similar extraordinary price tag of a whopping $37,500. This one of a kind high performance monitor will operate with 10 bit colors and offer a complete 100 percent sRGB coverage, thereby ensuring nothing but the brightest and the sharpest visuals imaginable via a conventional LCD monitor.

The Eizo FDH3601 monitor has been developed to perfect smooth tone production and this amazing LCD monitor will also provide support for up to 278 trillion colors via an onboard 16 bit lookup table. However, the most astounding aspect of this incredible computer display is its contrast ratio that operates at 1,000:1, while offering a response time of a mere eight milliseconds. Users will be able to enjoy unmatched visuals at a maximum brightness level of 700 cd/m2 and its massive resolution is compared to that four Full HD 1080p displays. The Eizo FDH3601 monitor is without a doubt a 36.4 inch wonder that will keep the users glued to their computers, by offering a magnificent display for entertainment, gaming and other activities. This astounding LCD monitor is expected to make its way soon to the U.S markets, now that it has already gained a significant amount of success in Japanese markets.

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