Toncelli Brings The All New Prisma Smart Kitchen With Built-In Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the renowned Italian names in the field of luxury fitted kitchens, Toncelli, has now announced the introduction of its newest offering in the form of the Prisma Smart Kitchen. This state of the art kitchen brings to the table an automated kitchen concept which is in turn controlled by an embedded Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet device. The entire kitchen table has been designed and developed to provide home owners with a space saving luxury kitchen table that is not only extremely efficient, but also brings a cutting edge advantage to streamline kitchen work. Operating out of Tuscany in Italy, Toncelli has been at helm of a 21st century kitchen revolution, where in the company strives to provide automated kitchen solutions to usher in a new era of automated and effect kitchen appliances.

The all new Prisma Smart Kitchen is comprised of an assortment of kitchen equipment and furniture including the main kitchen tablet unit that comes with an interactive table, which in itself is powered by a Samsung Galaxy Tab device. The tablet besides being a unique interactive tool will also enable the users to stay in touch with the world as well as find new recipes and other kitchen related information via the tablet. The Prisma Kitchen adds luster to your kitchen space with its gorgeous hanging cupboards, an elegant suspended top and various other open elements. Enhancing the aesthetics of the kitchen space, this hi-tech luxury kitchen features a black glass top that carries anodized aluminum finishing, while the panels carry red and white lacquer. Applying a thorough modernistic outlook to the 21st century kitchen, the refrigerator stands vertically while the drawers come with concealed handles.

Established in the year 1961 by Lorenzo Toncelli, the Toncelli Company has creatively brought together magnificent aesthetic elements from both Asia and Western Europe, thereby creating a breathtaking amalgamation of bespoke luxury and technology. The company  has so far made a significant impact in major cities across the globe, such as the likes of Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul and Taipei.

Via Archi Portale

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