Philippe Starck Designs Electric Vehicle Costing $40,000

Philippe Starck is known for coming up with unconventional designs. This time he has designed an electric vehicle. However from the design of the vehicle it appears that he has made it for those who hate cars. He has said many times that he hates cars because he finds them to be noisy, dirty and antisocial. What he has designed doesn’t even look like a car but more like a buggy that is appropriate for a drive around the beach. It is not clear if the vehicle has incorporated the safety features required for moving in a regular traffic.

One must admit that the auto industry has taken notice of the unconventional design. Starck managed to convince them to put it up on display at the Geneva Auto Show. However it is difficult to say as to how seriously the concept was taken. Called the V+ Volteis, it is expected to cost as much as $40,000 which makes Toyota Prius look like a cheap alternative. If you go through the features they don’t inspire confidence either. The seats are made from metal frames with a plastic strap wrapped around it. It reminds you of the lawn chairs popular in the 1980s.

The vehicle does not have air bags and seat belts are the only security feature. In place of a trunk the vehicle has a wicker basket. The vehicle has a soft top made from some sort of a fabric. The designer is targeting the people who would like to have green transportation for vacation homes. Hotels and resorts on the beach might also find it useful for driving the guests in and around the hotel. Starck will make the vehicle available through a network of fifteen stores in France initially. It will be rolled out gradually to other major cities of the world.

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