Billionaire’s Passion Leads To U.K’s First Electric Supercar

If you are wondering what passion can make one person do, then one of the best examples would be that of, Dale Vince has, a billionaire residing in the U.K, who has now realized his long term dream of owing an eco friendly electric supercar called, the Nemesis. This incredible electric super car has been designed and developed at a staggering cost of $1.6 million and comes with a phenomenal acceleration of 0-100 mph in just 8.5 seconds.

Mr. Vince, the founder and owner of Ecotricity, a wind energy company based in Gloucestershire, England, acquired a team of highly experienced engineers, who had prior experience in the F1 race circuit with some of the biggest racing teams such as McLaren F1 and DeLorean. The team then set out to achieve an engineering breakthrough, by trying to convert a second hand Lotus Exige, that was purchased on eBay into an eco friendly supercar. The result came out in the form of Nemesis, the environment friendly supercar that gives an output of an awesome 330bhp and has been fitted with 96 lithium-ion polymer cells and an entirely new transmission system. The Nemesis can easily cover a distance of 100-150 miles by being charged during the journey and the lithium-ion polymer cells of this incredible supercar can easily be recharged in just 2 hours with the charger supplied with the car and takes up to eight to nine hours for recharge when plugged into a conventional household socket.

According to Dale Vince,

“Our car is one of a whole range of eco vehicles being supported by the Government because they see the benefit for the UK in being at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, and the potential to create a new industry and tens of thousands of new green jobs here in the UK. It’s perhaps worth pointing out that our car had about £400,000 worth of support from a programme of £25 million in total, and for that we’ve delivered the UK’s first designed and built electric supercar.”

Via Daily Mail

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