Celsius Creates a the New LeDIX Furtif Watch Phone Priced at $300,000

The luxury watch brands target the very top end of the customer base. They are always working on new and even abstract ideas as that segment of the customer base is very difficult to please. They are the ones who already have or have the capacity to have everything in their life. You can’t catch their attention easily. Celsius is a luxury watch brand that operates in that niche category. They seem to have become totally focused on making mobile handsets with a tourbillion timepiece in it. The LeDIX Furtif  Celsius watch phone is their latest exclusive offering.

Last year they had attracted the attention of the entire industry with their LeDIX eternal mechanical and the Only Watch special edition 2011. The LeDIX Furtif is primarily a simple flip phone with an extremely fancy pocket watch integrated on the outside. It has many elements of the original LeDIX but what is totally new is the use of carbon fiber to create the entire structure, which has never been done before in the phone industry. Celsius is working towards replacing the electronic parts of a mobile phone with mechanical ones. The first such product from their stable should come out next year. This phone would be able to recharge itself from physical actions flipping the phone open or closed or even pressing the buttons. Edouard Meylan, the co-founder of the company was very upbeat about the future plans of the company while talking at the Baselworld 2012 event.

The new LeDIX Furtif has also been priced at $300,000 like the previous model. This is also a limited edition design which will have three runs of eight pieces each. The phone comes with a 3.2MP camera mounted on the rear face of the phone.

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