Sony’s New Speakers Woo the Audiophiles

Sony has launched its impressive new range of the wireless streaming speakers and intends to be emerged as a leader among its competitors; the multi-room audio speakers were introduced by Sonos five years ago. The new speakers line up in three different models which are developed particularly for the US and European markets. The small homes of Japan do not need multi-room audio.

It is compatible with iPhone users. You can use both Android apps and iOS to control the system. The apps are very easy to use, just selecting the picture from the app you could select individual speaker. The speakers can play individually or simultaneously as apps will send different streams from the mobile device directly to each speaker from different music services or home computer which Sony has not confirmed yet.

Multiple audio devices consist of a range of three speakers. The SA-NS310 could be used at kitchen which is the smallest one. The SA-NS410 is the next model has the same power as that of the largest. All the three speakers are circular in shape to deliver the entire room with three hundred and sixty degree sound speaker. Both the NS410 and NS510 provides two 15W speakers. You could pick up and carry to the other room your 410 speaker which offers a five hour battery.  The system is very simple and you could listen to music without delay in multiple rooms. Nobody has any idea of the price. But NS510 with built-in battery pack could be pricy.

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