Celebrate Romance With A £25k Champagne Bath Valentine’s Day Package

Even as you start scouting for the best Valentine’s Day package of the year, turn your attention to this champagne dream – a lavish champagne bath to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. The Cadogan Hotel in London is offering an elaborate Valentine’s Day package with a “champagne bath menu”. If you want to spend Valentine’s Day in “celebrity style”, this is the pick of the lot.

It is rumored that Marilyn Monroe had once bathed in 350 bottles worth of champagne. Guests at the Cadogan Hotel, however, will be practicing some restraint. Staff at the Cadogan will fill bathtubs with 120 bottles of champagne. The plus is that guests get to choose which champagne they wish to bathe in. That is where the champagne bath menu enters the picture.

Even couples on a budget will have to be in the mood to splurge, for the cheapest item on this menu costs £4,000 ($6,291). At this price, your tub will be filled with 120 bottles worth of Louis de Custine Brut champagne. Now, if that is way over your budget, don’t even bother looking at the other items on the menu. But if you cannot still your curiosity, you might be interested to know that the costliest thing on this menu is a bath of Dom Perignon Vintage, priced at £25,000 (about $39,319).

As if that were not enough, a personal butler will provide you with a complimentary bottle of champagne to raise a toast to love and togetherness on Valentine’s Day. Does it get any better?

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