Mind Boggling Martini Glass by Alissia Melka-Teichroew Leaves You Confused

Alissia Melka-Teichroew is well known for her fantastic collection of ‘A Handful of Plates’ and ‘diamond’ rings. After her instant success of liqueur and champagne glasses everyone is excited to have her third serial ‘The Martini Glass’. The barware collection is a model of how drinking glasses should look. The iconic shapes of glasses when you pour liquid create a strange and bewitching effect. They are shorter than the common Martini glass. Classy InsideOut series of glasses are as cool as the parties you throw. The double-wall of fun glasses keeps your drink icy cold for longer periods. The classic martini glass has an unassuming outer shape which is easy to hold. If you poured the drink in glass, it would appear its real inner identity. They are hand crafted with the capacity of 4.5 ounces. You will have fun when you share your drink with your friend as they come in two pieces. With its bottoms up, you will be confused to perceive if glass is half full or deluded to be half empty.

Inside Out glass series are handcrafted by Designer Alissia who has created Champagne Flutes and Martini Glasses. They are hand blown, double walled borosilicate glass which act as insulation, make the beverages kept in the glass cooler for longer than conventional one. The glasses are beautiful, and stylish, with practical advantages, like insulation.

The shape of glass suggests which should pour in. If you are drinking bubbly naturally you choose a champagne flute. If you longed for Cosmo, you would take hold of a Martini glass. The series consists of three models namely conical martini demure liqueur, and graceful champagne, all are made of hand-blown glass. The InsideOut Martini Glass Set is priced at $55.00 Cheers.

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