Designer Hosiery and Tights are being Bought by Trendy Women at High Prices

Winter has set in and designers have come up with winter legwear for women with dramatic finishes and bold colors. They have designed patterns that make a statement. And naturally when the designers are involved the prices go up. Designer tights are not an inexpensive purchase. In fact some of the price tags might even shock you. Wolford has released a whole line for this winter and at the high end the price is as high as $345. They are lace Roses tight with a floral pattern with three tiny roses embroidered at the back of the ankle.

The price might seem exorbitant to you but it is not unusual. Another luxury label Maria La Rosa has simple ankle socks in similar price range. They are not even decoratively embellished to justify the price. Bebaroque is another label that creates designer hosiery. Their cheapest items are the Deadly Nightshades that start from $127 and has a Lavender Lux that goes up to $323. Wolford also makes tights with frills at the back of the leg and corset lacings. They price them in excess of $200.

Women are open to newer ideas when it comes to winter legwear. The trend has spread and even girls can now be seen wearing textured, patterned and colored hosiery. The high prices, apparently are not hindering the trend from gaining momentum. Expensive hosiery makes women feel good. These statement tights are here to stay. Some women feel they are a practical indulgence as women can wear them anytime with any outfit.

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