Fantastic Norway To Construct An All New In Ski Resort Cum Ski Slope

The scenic country of Norway, which was recently selected as the venue for the world’s largest indoor ski resort is once again in the spotlight, thanks to one of the most renowned architectural studios, Fantastic Norway that has now come out a with fabulous design. This particular project is set to take place in the mountains of Ål, Norway, where in the entire concept calls for the construction of a mountain hill cabin that will not only serve as a luxury ski resort, but its roof shall also provide the guests with a brilliant ski slope. As per the visions, the roof of  this one of a kind report will be angled in a manner that the entire structure will become an amalgamation of luxury hospitality, fused with the best of the most popular Norwegian sport, skiing. This highly ambitious ski resort will be built in a remote part of the mountains, where skiing is known to be a favorite sport and is highly cherished by both locals as well as tourists.

The idea for this one of a kind ski resort was conjured up while pondering over the feasibility of creating a ski resort that could also support winter sports including skiing and sledding, while turning the luxury resort into the ultimate ski pass.  To achieve this highly creative visions, designers at Fantastic Norway, came up with a solution, where in the gables of the resort’s roof were set at 23 degrees, while the eaves were considerably lengthened. This will lead to a smooth ski track, while giving this wonderful ski cabin a triangular shape. In the recent years, skiing has transformed from a conventional winter sport into a luxury sport and has witnessed some of the coolest luxury ski wear and even a crystal ski helmet. Back to the ski resort cum ski slope, this unique cabin will be featuring two bedrooms, along with a living area located on the first floor, while the second floor will be composed of an extra bedroom.  The entire structure will be illuminated by natural daylight that will be filtered through sun-facing windows on the rooftop. Furthermore, the walls of the structure will also be insulated to provide a warm and cozy living experience. The construction on this magnificent ski resort cum ski slope will commence in the in Summer of 2012, while the resort will be accessible only via skis.

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