The Victoria Saddle Bag Doubles Up As A Cool Handbag

Constant hikes in fuel prices could eventually convert a larger part of the world population to the joys of bicycling around the city. But cycling within the city has its set of challenges. For women, in particular, there is always the handbag question. Carrying a bag on a bicycle ride can be a complicated affair. But the Victoria Saddle Bag could ease up this problem. Designed by industrial designer Ian Mahaffy for Brooks, the Victoria Saddle Bag is a new functional option for female bicyclists. The bright colors and cool design suggest that these could be a great style statement as well.

The Victoria Saddle Bag is unlike other saddle bags. It can be detached from the bicycle and carried along, whenever, wherever. Thus, it is definitely a security measure for cyclists riding in inner city areas. You never know when a pickpocket might strike. As Mahaffy got to work on the saddle bag, he had two priorities in mind. One, the saddle bag had to be better integrated with the cycle. Two, detaching and attaching the bag had to be easy.

The Victoria Saddle Bag is thus not just another saddle bag. It is a saddle bag that doubles up as a regular handbag. Whether the frame allows it to be a truly functional handbag is another question. What we do know is that this saddle bag is an improvement over other saddle bags that cannot be removed from their place on a bike. Moreover, the pop colors make these a cool accessory. The Victoria Saddle Bag can be yours for €160 (about $216). It is pricey, but not quite the most expensive bicycle saddle ever. Would you want to buy one for your biking expeditions?


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