World’s Most Expensive Bicycle Saddles by Crown Saddle

There have been luxury models of bicycles that have been created with some high end treatment and use of materials like leather and carbon fiber that make them exclusive and different from regular models. Rugby Tweed Rum, Colnago CF8 bicycles, Enigma Titanium and 24K gold plated bike are some of the examples that come to mind readily. Now there is a way to make your regular bicycle special by incorporating one of a series of bicycle saddles created by Crown Saddle. These are premium saddles that are the most expensive in the world.

The saddles have been created with great care with intricate craftsmanship. The designing elements and the premium elements make it look like a work of art. Crown Saddle within a year of its launch has carved a niche for itself as producers of designer saddles. The three new models launched by them recently are Konig Freidrich, Graf Ludwig, and Herzog Ebarhardt.


Konig Freidrich is being released in a limited edition of 80 pieces. The saddle has a carbon fiber body that makes it extremely light. It has Kevlar Rowling and airbrush finishing. But the real appeal of the saddle lies in the intricate gold work done in an artistic pattern. It is the most suitable one if you want to give a golden touch to your bicycle. Graf Ludwig is much heavier and comes with a nappa leather grey and white cover. The artwork on the seat is rhodium plated. You may opt for gold or platinum plating as well. There are color options available for leather. Herzog Ebarhardt will also have a run of 80 pieces only. The use of carbon fiber and leather has been combined very well. The double stitching is perfect. The intricate work of gold motifs is what makes it a fine example exclusive craftsmanship. The prices for the saddles range between $1,772 and $2,550. Don’t you want to upgrade your bike with the most expensive saddle?

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