Kaffeslabberas Club in Copenhagen Offers Alternative Fashion

In the neighborhood of Amager in Copenhagen, ‘Kaffeslabberas’ is a fashion club where the members are female pensioners who with their rich experiences in life have chosen fashion designing as a hobby or career. It could even be described as simply love of fashion in their life. These octogenarian with zest for life, love their work and spend hours enjoying it.

The knitting club ladies have partnered with Danish designers and artists with the intention of  bridging a generation gap which involves diversity, craftsmanship, experience and expertise. The fashion book has been published by Gad called ‘Til Kaffeslabberas’.  Fashion designer Mads Nørgaard  from Denmark met with 86-year old Erna for a detailed discussion over values, bad and good experiences, generation gap between old and young  and worthy of note of a  pair of socks.Henrik Vibskov, who took part in the project cherishes the opportunity of partnership with a group of elderly women. Designer Susanne Hoffmann, who works under Vibskov, at a Christmas market, spotted octogenarians knitwear. Hoffmann involved her boss in the knitting affair of children’s jumpers’ and accessories for his store in Copenhagen. All the money will go to the activity centre which would arrange excursions and parties for the members of the centre.

The elderly women are excited to work with younger designers, attending to fashion shows and grabbing photographer’s attention. Lilly Nielsen aged 86, knits the socks with her signature works on futuristic multicolored children’s jumper. The designers are particularly interested in honoring women’s skills rather than mass production.

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