Four Seasons Organizes Debut Spa Week

A week of de-stressing sounds like a good plan. So what if the holiday season is a month away? By the time you read this, the Spa Week will already be underway at the Four Seasons. Scheduled from 14-18 November 2011, Spa Week is a debut initiative from the luxury hotel brand. For customers, it is a great opportunity to avail of Four Seasons’ signature treatments. As for the hotel chain, it will be keen to convert new customers to its luxury spa treatments. But also, Four Seasons will be eager to engage potential customers via its Spa Week social media initiatives.

Online Efforts

Keep an eye out for updates on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Foursquare options. Watch out for comments by Four Seasons’ so-called “Curators of Calm”. These are spa experts who will be covering trends within the spa industry and offering special tips to guests who decide to pay a visit during Spa Week.

Industry watchers are describing Four Seasons’ embracing of social media during Spa Week as a comprehensive effort. There is no reason to suspect that it will not work. Four Seasons’ clients are generally Internet-savvy folk. They should bite the bait.

Additional Perks

Having an American Express card could give you access to several freebies not only during Spa Week, but right up to 15 March 2012. If you don’t already own an AmEx card, it gives you plenty of time to get one. AmEx cardholders who book treatments using their card get extended treatment time at select locations. Thus, a 60-minute massage could become a 90-minute one. That’s a treat, if ever there were one.

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