Caijou Group Unveils World’s Most Expensive Bathtub at Dubai

The gulf region in general and Dubai in particular is a good market for fine, high end jewelry and as expected the Dubai International Jewelry Week organized recently was a grand success. The highlight of the breathtaking collections on display was the world’s first gemstone bathtub. It was such a unique and exclusive creation that the Le Grand Queen bathtub instantly became the center of attraction for all the visitors to the exhibition. The bathtub created out of a rare and precious Caijou gemstone was sold for a staggering $1.74 million.

The Caijou gemstone is believed to have strong healing benefits according to a statement released by officials of the Caijou Group. According to their Sales & Marketing director, Reka Peresa, the bathtub is a unique luxury object. The healing qualities of the stone were known to the ancient Chinese, Arab and Egyptian civilizations. The stone is believed to have stored the energy from the earth and the universe for over 100 million years. The Caijou Group was rather excited to be part of the grand exhibition cum sale where the first ever sale world wide of the tub was made.

The jewelry week closed on the 13th of the month and there were special offers galore on the last day of the event that received an unprecedented response from the consumers of Dubai. The event was held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was a huge success as more than 300 of the best jewelers from around the world, based in 27 different countries participated with their best collections and offerings. You should be in Dubai, next time such events take place.

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