The Blacktop 360 Grill Is The New Portable Grill On The Block

Love camping outdoors but hate having to rough it out on food? Not anymore. Portable grills are all the rage these days, and the Blacktop 360 grill can give its competitors a run for their money. Think of it as a Swiss army knife that lets you indulge your taste buds anywhere and everywhere. You could set it up outside your tent or in your backyard. Carrying it around is no trouble at all. The stand that supports the grill when in use is foldable. So when you are done, fold the legs and slip it into the carrying case (each Blacktop 360 grill comes with one).

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What is special about the Blacktop 360 is that not only is it a portable grill, but that sufficient attention has been paid to functionality. Thus, only other rivals that score high on portability and low on actual cooking, the Blacktop 360 grill is all about the food. It includes a number of cooking surfaces for various types of dishes. Plus, you have the option of buying a cutting board for your veggies and meats as well.

The 20 oz. deep fryer lets you fry up basics like pancakes and sausages. You can cook steaks and burgers on the infrared grill that reaches temperatures of up to 650 degrees. A warming plate is also included in the package.

The Blacktop 360 grill can be operated using a basic propane tank (the kind you use at camp). It may be a little pricey at $240, but well worth the cost given the easy-to-use factor.

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