A Box Of The Most Expensive Chocolate Will Leave Brits Poorer By £190

There is a new claimant to the throne of Britain’s most expensive chocolate. Harrods Food Fall is introducing a box of luxury chocolates well in time for Christmas. The price is £190 per box.

The chocolate boxes are sure to draw connoisseurs once they adorn the shelves at Harrods Food Hall. I would not be surprised if chocoholics (at least the ones that can afford it) flock to the store at London’s Knightbridge for these chocolate truffles.

The Luxury Quotient

Then again, mere chocolate truffles should not demand a £190 price tag. What makes this box so special? For one thing, they are completely handmade. These are not your regular factory-produced variety. These chocolates are as bespoke as they come.

One of the main ingredients of this ultra-expensive chocolate is 63 percent Toscano Black cocoa. But this cannot be sourced from just anywhere. A small artisan chocolatier working just outside Pisa, Italy, provides the perfect strain of this expensive cocoa. No factories involved. The cocoa beans are ground in a traditional granite stone mill.

These chocolates are made from a secret recipe that calls for such precious ingredients as champagne and 24-karat edible gold. Once the chocolate truffles are ready, they are packed into a handcrafted box that is adorned by 450 Swarovski crystals. Each box contains 15 truffles. A champagne-free range is also available.

What’s more? The Academy of Chocolate has adjudged these sweet treats as the best in the world. Now all you need is to drip some of the most expensive honey over them for an even more indulgent experience.

Where To Buy: The chocolate boxes are available for sale online at The-Chocolate.com as well as at Harrods. Buyers can also purchase a single chocolate ensconced in a crystal box.

Via: Daily Mail

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