Mickey Mouse Conquers All On This Uzi Toy Lamp

Some people never really grow up. Adulthood fails to ensnare them fast enough, and they still go chasing after childhood memories. Things like the most expensive toy. And lamps like this one. If you need to add to your largest toy collection, try this Uzi toy lamp. It goes by the name, “Top of 100 Toys” and features our all-time favorite Mickey Mouse, standing victorious atop a 100 other toys, grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and let me mention, he holds an automatic rifle and a Mach 10 machine pistol in his hand. This is not good old benign, bumbling Mickey Mouse. This is Mickey in a war-like avatar. We love it!

For years, says the Uzi website, Mickey Mouse has been voted the No. 1 toy. Even Buzz Lightyear has not been able to dent Mickey’s popularity. So it is fitting that it is Mickey who has emerged victorious after defeating a 100 other vintage toys like C3PO, Woody, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and even Action Man. The grinning Mickey is a 1972 version, and you will be glad to know, the original toy did not carry guns. The weapons were added by Uzi to fit in with the “Mickey as victor” theme of this cool toy lamp.

The dull gold color highlights that this is no ordinary lamp. How can it be when it costs £840 (about $1,391)? But the lamp comes with a black faux silk lampshade that is over 20 inches tall, plus a unique certificate and a 16-page Uzi lamp booklet.

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