Presenting The All New Stunning Life Sized Human Form Lamps, Lightbodies From Designer Kilu

Lamps have for centuries been used to illuminate our households and for long have held quite a significant respect when it comes to the human evolution. These man made portable sources of light much needed illuminations in places where it’s pitch dark, as well as serving as elegant decorative pieces for the modern households. In the last few years, we have witnessed some of the most exotic and gorgeous luxury lamps that have adorned homes and offices all over the globe. Now, designer Kilu has come out with an all new range of lamps that are designed and developed to resemble the human form. Known as Lightbodies, these life sized human form lamps pay tribute to the anatomy of both males and females, while striking a philosophical tone of collaboration between humans and technology. The heads of these limited edition human form lamps serve as the lamp heads surrounded by shades.

The shades for the Lightbodies are manufactured from multi-layered coated and foiled paper to provide enough illumination for a room. These shades include black and gold foil for the males as well as white and silver foil for the females. Furthermore, the Lightbodies are composed of a lengthy cord for easy plug ins. The Lightbodies collection consists of four distinct human sized lamps. First is the ‘Female One’, where in the lamp resembles the shape of a standing woman. The other variant is ‘Female Seated’, with the lamp representing a woman in a seated position. The other models are ‘Male One’ and ‘Male Two’, where in both the sculpted lamps are in standing positions. All the four Lightbodies lamps will be exclusive in availability as only 200 pieces of each will be manufactured carrying a price tag of $4,150 per piece.

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