1973 Rolex from James Bond Movie to be Auctioned in November

James Bond, the character is so exciting because of the gadgets he used to get out of impossible situations or stay ahead of the others. So anything associated with James Bond creates a buzz when it comes up for auction. The 1976 Lotus Spirit amphibian vehicle from a James Bond movie had created a stir when it went up for sale. Similar excitement is expected from the 1973 James Bond Rolex 5513 timepiece scheduled to go under hammer soon. The watch will have the original magnetic field generator and buzz saw bezel, which was used during the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, by Roger Moore.

The watch had been specially created with extraordinary features to become a part of the popular franchise. A razor disc with a small pinhole was installed in place of the movement and a magnetic field generator was incorporated. The watch played a prominent role in the movie as James Bond was shown using the watch to unzip Madeline Smith’s dress. It was also shown to have protected and saved Bond and his accomplice in some crucial sequence.

Apparently the magnetic field generator helped in changing the path of an oncoming bullet and thus saving Bond from any harm. The watch, in any case has very sophisticated looks. The white on black dial makes for a stunning contrast. With its stainless steel chassis and strapping it had the rugged appearance suitable for the British secret service agent. Christie’s will be conducting the auction in their event in November. The pre sales estimates have been made in the range of $230,000-450,000. The buyer of the watch will also get the drawings which describe the unique working mechanism of the watch.

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