HBA Creates a Luxurious Spa Center in Istanbul Edition Hotel

Hirsch Bender Associates, known simply as HBA has been a leader in the hospitality interior design since 1964. Over the years their design team has created integrated package of fantasy, drama and comfort. They are well attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends and have very successfully incorporated the requirements of the location and local architecture. They have recently completed the spa in Istanbul Edition Hotel. It was a challenging job as Istanbul is a city with a rich history and tradition. But they were up to the task and the final result is stunning to say the least.

The architects have based their plans on Turkish traditions and yet the spa has a highly contemporary feel. Called ESPA, the wellness center has elements of Hammam customs and showcases the rich life in Istanbul. The old and new has mixed seamlessly in the design to become an original design that will appeal to the discerning guests. Every aspect of the design has been tastefully done and conveys luxury. There are embossed bronze floors, marble and bronze sinks and crystals on the walls.

The way the spa has been designed it not only gives the guests a relaxing experience but an adventure experience as well. The colors, the lighting all add up to create a sense of mystery. HBA has managed successfully to create contemporary spa center with strong elements of the traditional communal Turkish bathhouses. This is what makes the design original and attractive for both visitors and residents of Istanbul.


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