Maiyet, a Fashion House with an Ulterior Motive

Paris fashion week witnessed the launch of another fashion house, but this one garnered a lot of attention. Maiyet, the fashion house, could not have asked for a better head start other than being launched in the most coveted fashion week of the world. This fashion house aims to improve the lives of the poor and under privileged with the profits it would generate. Now, that is a fashion house with a noble purpose.

Maiyet is founded by a lawyer named Paul Van Zyl, he has been associated with helping the poor all this while. There could not be a better way to generate funds to help the poor, as no matter how bad the economy is people never curb on their habits of making extravagant purchases. Most of the consumers of such luxury brands have high disposable incomes, but they are reluctant to indulge in philanthropy, so this is a very mean yet clever way to direct their salaries to charity. Paul Van Zyl also happens to be an executive secretary of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa and now he has floored everyone by launching Maiyet.

The fashion house will rake huge profits as its debut collection grabbed a lot of eyeballs and was appreciated by a lot of people at the Paris Fashion Week. Most of the dresses ranged from $500 to $2500 and its debut collection of urban clothes was very well worth the staggering price. This fashion house has employed effervescent designers from five countries namely, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, India and Kenya.

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