Blood Concept: A ‘bloody’ interesting perfume collection

Now here is something ‘bloody’ interesting! I had heard of diets that were based on blood groups but here is something very interesting based on that thick red liquid flowing through our veins. Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zuddas from Italy have brought out a range of perfume called Blood Concept that includes four unique fragrances for each blood group. With a whole deluge of perfumes coming out these days, this is certainly something that catches the attention.

The Universal Donor i.e Group O smells Visceral and Intense. Emerging from the depths of the earth, it is carnal and primitive. Considering the number of Group O people, it will definitely be their best seller.  Group A’s scent is very green and aromatic, reflecting a symbiotic relationship with nature. Group B’s perfume has a woody and spicy scent. It is described as a brave traveller who is keen to discover the unknown. The Universal Recipient i.e AB has been described as synthetic and individualist. Each perfume has a wonderful packaging designed by 2PFG.

This collection of fragrances are unisex and are available in either a 40ml dropper or 60ml spray. It can be bought at the LuckyScent website. This concept is definitely very unique and is sure to attract fans. But what will sustain its popularity at the end of the day will be how good these scents actually are. I guess it would make a good gift as it is personalized considering it is specific to each person’s blood group and well, perfumes are usually a safe bet for a gift.

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