French Designer Creates Bubble Hotel on Outskirts of Paris

All of us, occasionally get tired of living in the urban jungle and long to escape and be close to the nature. It is like a fantasy today, to be able to sleep under the glow of the stars. French designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas has a solution to fulfill your wish in the form of a Bubble Hotel on the outskirts of Paris. Dumas has created frameless structures and furnished the bubble bedroom like a comfortable room in a luxury five star hotel. These structures have a transparent dome which gives it the look of a bubble and enables the guest to observe the starlit night sky.

These air filled bubble rooms are placed strategically in areas that have a lot of natural beauty. Dumas feels that his creation, like bubble tree, gives people a rare chance to connect with nature which is getting away from us in this frenetic modern world. The Bubble Hotel is situated near the grounds of the Chateau of Malmaison which was once the home of Napoleon’s wife. The bubble is supplied with air continually to keep the structure erect and renew the air to avoid condensation or humidity. It is a much healthier option than a tent.

The experience of spending a night in the bubble is truly unique and magical. You would be surprised by the effect it has on you. The opportunity to spend a night under the stars literally has made it very popular amongst Parisians. The rate for a nights stay is 189 euros. The cost not only provides a luxurious stay in the bubble but also includes the cost of food and Champaign which makes the package very reasonable.

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