Bubble Tree: An Exotic Way to Experience Nature

Living in modern cities have forced us to be cut off from nature and that is exactly why we respect nature so much lesser. If only we appreciated the beauty of greenery and forests we might have actually learned to take care of nature more.

The BubbleTree is a unique fort that comes with a small wooden platform and that which can be covered with a canvas sphere at night. It is perfect for those who would love to stay amidst nature to listen to the birds chirp and to listen to the gurgling of rivers. It can accommodate up to 8 people and you could even have your meetings in one such BubbleTree if you possibly could.


It costs $15,300 and that is a tad too expensive for a tree house like this but if you value nature and would love to spend more time in nature, you could get yourself one and install in the middle of woods.

Via: Trend Hunter

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