The World by ResidenSea is the Most Exclusive and Luxurious Cruise Ship

The World by ResidenSea is no normal cruise ship but private luxury apartments and suites brought to the sea. It is the largest privately owned residential yacht on the Earth and on the Sea. The ship features a total of 110 private luxury apartments that can be personalized. They vary in size and range from 1,106 sq feet to 4,184 sq feet. Each apartment comes with a minimum of two bedrooms and could go up to six bedrooms. In addition to the apartments the World boasts of 88 guest suites that range in size from 259 sq feet to 648 sq feet. The concept behind this lavish ship is unique as each of these apartments and suites are owned by individuals who are called Residents. Each of the Residents is part owner of the grand ship. The cruise by the ship need not be sold as the Residents already own the right to sail in it. This concept has been popular on the land but the World is the first of its kind on the sea.

The World was launched in 2002 and has been designed as the most luxurious cruise ship. The apartments on the ship have living and dining area. All the apartments feature a full equipped state of the art kitchen. All of them have private balconies with Jacuzzi that allows the guest to relax completely while enjoying the views while sailing. The other high end features are large walk-in wardrobes, a comprehensive entertainment system including an audio system. The 32 inch plasma TV are connected to a satellite for channels from all over the world and a DVD player for your favorite movie. Each apartment is provided with a mobile phone that has connectivity everywhere and a personal computer with full time high speed internet connection, anywhere on Earth. These are all exclusive features of the World that is difficult to match on the sea. But it is not just the features or amenities that make the World so special. The services available to the Residents make sailing in the World a luxurious and memorable experience.

The Residents have access to concierge and room-service, several high end restaurants, a cinema, a world-class spa and a medical centre. The ship not only has a retractable marina for water sports, it also has a tennis court, a jogging track, its own Gold and Country Club with putting and chipping green and a golfing simulator. Apart from two swimming pools the ship features a nightclub, an art gallery, casino, library, travel agency and jewelers. Above all the World provides privacy to its Residents. A cruise ship this size normally carries about 1,800 passengers but the World has only 198 units and is never crowded even if all the units are occupied. The ship is also unique because of measures incorporated that minimize the harmful impact on environment. The engines of The World don’t burn heavy bunker oil like most ocean-going ships but run on common truck diesel which is less harmful for the environment. The waste water cleaning system installed on the ship is able to recycle sewage into drinkable water. Destinations for the World select themselves based on world events like Formula One Grand Prix, Carnival, tournaments and film festivals. All this doesn’t come cheap. The residences start at $1.45 million and go up to $5 million. There is a recurring expense of $250,000 as the annual maintenance fee.


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