Loose Weight While You Eat With Dumb-Bell Cutlery

Want to cut calories even as you cut into your steak? Have a look at the new Dumb-Bell Cutlery from TreeHugger. The fitness catchphrase, “eat well and exercise” just got a fillip. TreeHugger’s Dumb-Bell Cutlery is designed to help you get fit while you eat. Losing weight has never been this cool.

Dumb-Bell Cutlery is an interesting weight loss solution for all those overweight people who are unwilling to cut down on food. This set of cutlery does not merely look like dumbbells; they are dumbbells. The knives and forks weigh 1 kilogram each, while the dessert spoons weigh 2 kilograms. The idea is that diners will be utilizing both the knife and fork during the main course, and only the spoon during dessert. So they have a 2-kilo workout during each course.

TreeHugger has always been committed to promoting the healthy way of life. Their cool new product belongs to the same mould. I mean, how cool is it when you can actually eat all your favorite things and exercise at the same time. It is the stuff of dreams. And I am pretty certain that even chronic exercise haters will bite the bait here. Shaving off the extra calories has never been so much fun.

Naturally, these handcrafted products are rather expensive. The entire set costs $160. But you can get separates as well. The knife-fork duo retail at $120, and the spoon costs $70. However, I am not convinced that foodies will be too pleased about being weighed down by one- and two-kilo cutlery. Are these spoons, forks and knives designed to ensure that users eat less, simply because of the sheer weight of the cutlery?

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