Reach Your Fitness Goals With Power Plate’s New User-Friendly Personal Trainer

Not everybody has the time to hit the gym. Unending deadlines, work pressure, family and home responsibilities leave many with no time for themselves. That is why personal trainers are gaining in popularity of late. Even the Power Plate has introduced a new personal trainer model named the my7.

This piece of fitness equipment is ideal for people who are strapped for time. Taking time out for the gym is not necessary when you have the my7 waiting for you at home. This personal trainer is a big improvement over previous versions of the Power Plate. And it comes equipped with over 250 training programs. So you no longer have to create your own workout plan. You can simply choose a fitness routine based on the variations offered on the $7,995 my7.

There is more. The my7 from Power Plate features six resistance levels in addition to the 250 training programs. The featured training programs include a range of weight-loss workouts. But if you are hoping to improve your sporting skills using the personal trainer, there is scope for that as well. The my7 offers special routines to help you hone your golf, tennis and skiing skills.

The Personal Power Plate was launched in 2006. It used body vibration technology and allowed users to exercise on an electrical surface that produced 20 to 50 muscle contractions per second, thereby ensuring a more intensive workout. The my7 has built on the same Power Plate vibration technology, but made it more user-friendly. A touch screen monitors displays all activities, and you can choose from over 1,000 exercises that combine the vibration technology.

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