Chinese Netizens Rate Luxury Brands and Car Manufacturers

The second annual Prestige 100: China IQ has a unique purpose. It wants to measure the “digital footprint of 100 luxury brands” in China. It was thus revealed that netizens from China would most likely try and own luxury cars than anyone else. By 2020, China would be the world’s largest market for luxury goods and it would soon turn out to be the world’s largest car market as well. The most popular car manufacturer turned out to be Audi. BMW came next and Volvo the fourth. If you were wondering who could have held the 4th place, it is none other than Volvo and its cronies.

The rising affluence in China has meant that a reverse proletariat is taking place, in which poorer countries like China and Brazil have now become consumers of luxury, while countries like France and Britain produce luxury for these countries. The consumers have become producers, and the producers have become the consumers. I guess, every dog has his day and it is one of the best ways to make sure that everything goes alright. I would really like to see what the future of Chinese luxury car market is going to be.

Clinique, Burberry and other brands were found to be rather popular with the Chinese as well. I would so love to go to France and buy some stuff, but I am sure there would be a billion Chinese people waiting ahead of me to do the same thing. You could also take a look at the luxury brands and luxury cars that we had written about. I am sure it would help you to learn a lot.

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