Bentley Develops Executive Interior Concept for Mulsanne

Bentley, the luxury car maker doesn’t do anything half heartedly. Whenever they work on an idea or a concept, they always strive to make it the best. They might be expensive for most people but they are often the best that is available in the market. They have recently finalized a concept of an interior upgrade that would make your car special and distinctive. They have created the new Executive Interior Concept for their Mulsanne model. This model is a big car with a twin-turbo V8 slung out front and very spacious interiors.

The twin turbo car received some twin augmentation with two iPads. They have installed a Mac Mini in the trunk of the car. It is connected to an LCD that pivots down from the ceiling in the interior. All functions are controlled by a Magic Trackpad which is conveniently placed between the rear seats, slotted neatly into a little leather pouch along with a keyboard. As you press a button in the center console a wood-encased tray gently folds down from the back of the seat in front. There is another button that splits the folded down tray into two to reveal an iPad 2 in the top and a Bluetooth keyboard in the bottom.

There are all facilities available inside the car for you to work while you are being driven to your office. You can kick start the fun in the car if you are driving to a party. It is very difficult to think of what else they could have incorporated in this exclusive interior concept. However, they have not made it clear if the concept will be offered to the buyers in the same form as it is today. In any case it will be an expensive package whenever it hits the market. Their Mulsanne is worth 250,000 euros and this interior augmentation will cost the buyer another 100,000 euros.

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