Bobby Belcher Deceiver Bag from Kempton & Darrow is a Good Investment

The number of articles that women carry around in their bag is increasing. And if you add the laptop to it then the situation becomes unmanageable. There have been many bags and there would surely be many more bags that would come in the future. A lot of women are not very comfortable with laptop bags as they don’t like being labeled geeky. Their preference is for a bag that carries the laptop securely but doesn’t look like one. Kempton & Darrow has released a bag that they call the Bobby Belcher Deceiver Bag.

The name suggests that it deceives you into believing it is not a laptop bag. This bag does much more than carry your computer. The central section of the bag is designed to carry the laptop securely with suitable padding in place for extra protection. There are two separate sections on both sides for other things you need to carry with you. The compartments are the perfect size to provide ample space and still keep the bag looking smart. There are dedicated pockets and slots for CDs, mobile phones and even for a standard water bottle.

The bottle holder in the bag also enables you to use it as a diaper bag. The models have also given it a thumbs up who use the laptop compartment of the bag to keep their portfolio securely flat. Made from fine vintage leather, the deceiver bag can stay with you a long-long time as it is versatile enough to accommodate the changing profile of the content. It will prove to be a good investment as it is a pricey bag and retails for $495.

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