Matthew Perry Acquires the Ultimate Bachelor Pad for $8.65 Million

Matthew Perry who is best known for his role in Friends as Chandler has recently invested $8.65 million to acquire an ultra luxurious home with stunning views of Los Angeles. The Friends star is actually quite different from the character of Chandler he played. He has had to check into rehabs to receive treatments for his addiction to painkillers and alcohol. The stardom earned through the iconic series Friends has taken its toll. His new acquisition however is going to give him another high. His new home is bound to earn him the envy of his friends.

The 4,000 square feet home is designed as the ultimate al fresco party pad, with an infinity pool lawn and fire pit like Tiger Wood’s bachelor pad. His friends would now be eager to join him for parties and get together. The bachelor pad was originally built in 1962 but has been renovated completely for contemporary living. Over the top luxury elements incorporated in the renovated home has made it the prime property it is. The black mirrored walls and chandelier in the bathroom, the infinity pool and the fire pit, the spacious living area and the stunning views make it a most desirable property.

The master bedroom is glass walled with views over the LA basin and the pool. The living spaces also boast of floor to ceiling glass windows to enhance the views of the city. The two bathrooms have very different feels, the main bath is has a tranquil feel and overlooks the garden whereas the other one is gorgeous with its black mirrored walls and chandelier. The cozy screening room has been furnished with plush velvet sofas that seat nine. The modern kitchen is fitted with all the modern appliances. Perry has listed his West Hollywood condo that he had bought from Elton John for sale for an asking price of $3 million. He has upgraded to the new pad before he checks into a rehab to get back his sobriety.

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