The Travelling Hotel Suite lets you enjoy luxury the green way

The environment isn’t in its best possible shape. Day in and day out we read reams about perils of various man-made phenomena and their impact on our mother nature. Creative designers and product makers are incessantly working on creating stuff that help people go green with least possible inconvenience. But the travelling hotel suite has a rather unconventional way of imparting eco-conscience on its guests. This Spanish hotel boutique first visited a hotel in Guadalajara and is now presently in Portugal. This setup was put together by the hotel in conjunction with the architects from Modulab, Egoin eco-energy engineers and the designer Tomás Alía.

This concept is an energy-efficient, water-saving, eco-designed luxury space which teaches you few ways of staying green. And if you have a big cash stash, you can even buy one of these if you like them. The 36 m2 Travelling Suite claims have reduced energy consumption to a staggering 72% when compared to a normal building. It doesn’t end at this. They also say their water usage is 75% less and this is because of grey water reuse and rain water collection.  The hotel doesn’t use any electronic applicance to supply hot water. All of it comes from their solar heaters. Their interiors have natural colors and are made of non-toxic materials such as wood and natural fibers as well as recycled and recyclable fabrics such as Ecoalf.

The luxurious suite also has a luxurious bath tub and a shower and the design is such that they both can be put together to save materials and space. The bathroom also has a w+w toilet sink by Roca, hidden behind the door next to the door. We don’t know how much one night stay is going to cost you, but we’re kind of expecting it to be a little expensive for being one of its kind.


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